Alumni Association Board Nominations 2014

The Holy Cross Alumni Association has announced the names of those alumni nominated to serve as officers and members of its Board of Directors. Kristyn M. Dyer ’94 has been appointed executive secretary. Michael H. Shanahan ’78 has been re-appointed treasurer. Alumni Association bylaws do not require yearly nomination to these offices. Nominations for the board were selected in accordance with the Alumni Association bylaws, which allow for no more than 12 alumni to be chosen annually for three-year terms, with 10 of them from class year groupings and two representing regional clubs.

Although this slate of candidates represents the choices of the HCAA nominating committee, it should be noted that any member of the HCAA may be nominated in accordance with Article VII of the bylaws, as follows: “Any member of the Alumni Association may be nominated for director by a petition containing the signatures of 20 alumni with the executive secretary no later than April 1.” Any member of the HCAA who would like to be so nominated should submit a petition to Kristyn M. Dyer ’94 by April 1, 2014. If any petition should be received, a ballot will appear in the next issue of Holy Cross Magazine so that alumni can vote for the candidate(s) nominated by petition.

Officers (2014-2015)

Colleen M. Doern '89
President Elect
Kimberly A. Stone `90
1st Vice President
Bryan J. DiMare `06
2nd Vice President
Brian Duggan `96
Michael H. Shanahan '78
Executive Secretary
Kristyn M. Dyer '94
Immediate Past President
James E. Sparkes '71
President's Representative    

Executive Committee (2014-2015)

Laura Cutone `96 
Elaine DiMase `84

Directors - Class Groupings (2014-2017)

2005-2014   Mike Rogers `12   Kate Guarino `08
  Mike Fedigan `03
  Jonathan Medeiros `09
  Ann Farrell `91
  Tom Jessop `88
  Emmett Daly `82  
  Raymond Dewar `83
  Mike Leding `62
  Schone Malliet `74

Directors - Regional Clubs (2014-2017)

John Switzer `62
Laura Cutone `96

Athletic Council (2014-2017)

Amy Martin `11