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B.J. Cassin '55
B.J. Cassin '55

Jay Clarke '88

Jim and Mary Collins '87
Jim Collins '87
Mary M. Collins '87

Dr. Joseph Coyle '65
Joseph Coyle '65

Lisa Taylor '96
Lisa Taylor '96

Maria Eugenia Ferré Rangel '89
Maria Ferré '89

Crusader Chronicles

Kim Osterhoudt '77

"Kim developed a passion for cooking at an early age, and under the tutelage of her mother, she learned how to preserve fruits and vegetables. Kim’s grandfather always had a bountiful garden that produced numerous fruits and vegetables. When Kim was around the age of 12, he gave Kim grapes to make her first jelly. She was hooked instantly, and loved making jams and jellies for her family and giving them away as gifts." -Jams by Kim

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