According to the Department of Labor Statistics (yes there is one!) you will have 11-14 jobs by the time you are 38 years old.

How’s that make you feel?

Career experts suggest you should approach your job search like a job and exhaust every angle, follow every lead, and call everyone you know until you get a job. We realize this is your first professional job search so we’ve lined up a team of post-graduation authors and career experts that will provide you the tips, strategies and best practices that will make it easier to transition to the 11-14 jobs the government says you will have in the coming years.

Join us for our upcoming two week career camp the first two weeks of August. Set aside 8-9 PM EDT each night to pick up the knowledge you need to act on the very next day.

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Learn more about our Career Camp Experts:

Monday, August 4th from 8-9 PM EDT- Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson
Learn numerous ways you can use LinkedIn to build your professional network and to find jobs. Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson author of the book, Graduate to LinkedIn, will identify how you can use LinkedIn groups, alumni search tools effectively and how to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed.

Tuesday, August 5th from 8-9 PM EDT - Daniel Seddiqui
Learn tips, strategies and techniques that might not get you into your dream job, but get you into a job! Daniel Seddiqui author of the book, 50 Jobs in 50 States, will not only share how he got 50 jobs in 50 states, but how you can use his proven techniques.

Wednesday, August 6th, from 8-9 PM EDT - Julie Bauke

Learn what mistakes others make in their job search so you can avoid making them. Julie Bauke, author of the book, Avoid the 7 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Job Search, will give you the background on why graduates make these mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Thursday, August 7th, from 8-9 PM EDT - Alfred Poor

Learn the 7 secrets you need to know to launch your first professional job search. Alfred Poor, author of the book, 7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know! will make sure you can utilize these techniques to not only stand out in a crowded job market but use them to advance yourself to the next job.

Monday, August 11th, from 8-9 PM EDT - Jenny Blake

Learn what you need to know to adjust to the transition from your campus dorm to your corporate cubicle. Jenny Blake, author of the book, After College: the Complete Guide To Getting What You Want, will share strategies and guidance on handling everything from finances, living on your own to building a new network of friends.

Tuesday, August 12th, from 8-9 PM EDT - Natascha Saunders

learn how you can use Facebook to build a professional network and look for a job. Natascha Saunders will share a dozen ways you can use Facebook to connect with friends, alumni and others to build your network as well as show you special strategies to find people within companies who can help you get a job.

Wednesday, August 13th, from 8-9 PM EDT - Gary Ricchion

Learn to pick up key career and job search strategies that few ever use. Gary Ricchion author of the book, 10 Key Career and Job Search Strategies, will present proven techniques to not only help you get your career off to the right start, but techniques that will help you land the job you want.

Thursday, August 14th from 8-9 PM EDT - Larry Chiagouris

Learn proven techniques to look for a job. Larry Chiagouris, author of the book, The Secret to Getting a Job After College, will lay it all out for you. You will find out what NOT to do, but more importantly proven steps to take to keep you focused on getting a job.